Our Applications

What's old
becomes new again!

Customers who were with us in the early 1980's may recall the first generation of our MSDOS application software with drop-down menus across the top of the screen like experimental systems that came out of Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center in the late 1970's. (We used 'Action>Save' rather than 'File>Save', but the principle was identical to today's Windows look and feel.)

We ended up replacing that in favor of a more customer-familiar idiom of overlaying menu windows with lists of options with longer descriptions -- because Microsoft's Windows environment hadn't yet re-defined what computer operators expected to see on their screens.

Now, with Windows' total dominance of operating systems, we have returned to where we were 25 years ago!

Is ours really a better mousetrap? Probably not. But we've spent over twenty years at this, and we've put that experience into software that we feel is the simplest way for out customers to take 'care of business' -- computerwise.

First and always, we're coders! Our strength and the source of our pride is the code we write. In fact, in putting together this web site, we wrote the code directly rather than using a code-generator like Frontpage. We may be the only ones left who still do this!

Here is a chart plotting the connections between our order-processing and financial-accounting applications:

We have designed each of these modules both to function fully by itself and be closely integrated with the others.

Order Processing and Point Of Sale apply inventory items to customer sales and update Accounts Receivable and the inventory database. Purchase orders track vendor orders for inventory. Finally, all the applications create General-Ledger work, to anchor the core of our customers' business accounting.

Also -- and this is pretty important -- we can create custom applications to connect with any of these. For example, a custom invoicing module could replace "Order Processing" in the chart with information from it flowing throughout.

We will be happy to demonstrate any or all of these in your offices.