Application Updates

Here are the latest versions of our general-purpose application software.

Note We offer these downloads for our customers' use only. If you're not a customer, you don't belong here. These applications will not run without our having installed and configured them originally.

Application File Name Version Build Number  
Accounts Receivable UnpackAR.exe 7.2.0 D1016.1142
Inventory UnpackINV.exe 6.2.1 F0325.1121
CheckWriter 4 UnpackCW4.exe 4.2.2 31217.953
Payroll UnpackPR.exe 7.3.1 E0102.1323
General Ledger UnpackGL.exe 6.8.1 91007.1315
Purchase Orders UnpackPO.exe 6.3.0 E1013.1337
Accounts Payable UnpackAP.exe 6.3.1 80123.1157
CheckWriter UnpackCW.exe 7.0.2 A1213.0827
Text-Search Utility TextSearch.exe 1.1.0 70626.1146
Database Migration Utility UnpackMU.exe 2.1.0 50615.1007
Database Update Utility UnpackDUU.exe 3.0.0 51026.1731
Database Analyzer UnpackDBA.exe 1.0.0 51117.1559

Versions & Builds

You can find the current Version and Build Number for any of our applications by selecting Help>About xxx... (where xxx is the name of the application). Or, select Help>Internet Support>Updates (while you're connected to the Internet), and the resulting web page will determine whether you should update.

Many of these updates are just incremental; that is, they represent a more recent build but do not include significant changes.

If you have any questions about what's included in an update, please give us a call.

And -- yes -- you may have noticed we're in the midst of rolling out new versions of all our general-purpose applications. Please click below for more information.