Vendor Checks

Here is a very brief outline of some of the capabilities of our Vendor-Checks (CheckWriter) application:

We apologize!

We're on the threshold between versions of our general-purpose applications, and these pages describing them are incomplete -- in some cases very!

We're working on this, so please check back, or -- even better -- please contact us!


Receives vendor-check information either from direct entry or as passed from our accounts-payable application; prints checks with detailed stub; processes checks into vendor totals or (optionally) our general-ledger application.


Reports and Documents

Some Samples

When you launch the application, your initial window shows a check with stub. (You can set whether the application starts with your last check or a new blank one.)

To create a check, just fill in the blanks and click Save. You can have as many stub lines as are on your check.

(The parentheses around the check number indicate that is what the application will assign when you print the check.)

You can print checks singly or in batches.

The printing window (at right) shows your present and resulting bank balances.


At pretty much any point, you can press F9 and review the data for the current vendor.

All the reference information is right there in front of you.


Adding Vendors

We use a familiar Windows "wizard" routine for adding new vendors to accounts payables.

You can customize it so that creating a new vendors can be as easy as pressing F3 (to start the wizard), keying in the vendor name, and pressing Enter twice. Or you can have the wizard prompt you for specific information, checking as it goes to insure accuracy.

Click here for more on how these wizards work.



These are just some highlights. There's much more to this application. Please give us a call, and we can review the details.