Here are some of our currently published customer-support documents:

How this works

As an on-going support service to our customers we try to spend a portion of our time generating some 'hard-copy' materials to supplement our verbal and on-site instructions.

However, in no way do we mean for these to be any more than rough-draft notes that may help with minor details or give a different perspective. Frankly, we have given these materials a fairly low priority, and our customers should limit their expectations accordingly.

Application Updates A detailed, step-by-step description of how to download and install updates to our application software. AppUpdates.pdf
Our help through pcAnywhere The fastest and most effective way for us to help our customers is to connect from our office over the Internet with pcAnywhere. Here's what you need to do to enable this. PCAConnect.pdf
Lost Drive Mappings On local-area networks (LAN's), each station accesses shared space on the local server for databases and such. This document descibes how you can 'lose' access to these mapped drives, how to recover and make them available again, and how to avoid this problem in the future.

General User Guide
{Preliminary Draft}
A very general guide to using our applications. Basic launching and shutting down; selecting functions with menus, buttons, and other controls; entering data and editing databases; printing; housekeeping and other operations applicable to all our software. Guidelines.pdf
Adding New Companies How to set up a new company from within one of our applications.

Quick Backups How to quickly backup your database from within the application.

Database Migration Utility Step-by-step instructions on migrating data from our XBase applications to our Windows Jet-4 databases.

CheckWriter Quick Start The minimal information needed to set up and run our accounts-payable check-writing application.