Our Policies

The following is (we hope) a brief list of our business policies, our Rules of the Road for this stretch of the Information Highway.

Note: Our policy on email attachments is what we recommend for our customers.

None of this is cast in stone. If you have a question or concern, please let us know. The bottom line for us is that our reputation is more important to us than any specific incident or policy. So, we are certain that we can resolve any issue.

EMail Attachments

We do not accept unsolicited email attachments!

This is our on-going policy and one we recommend to our customers. Here's why:

On the other hand, email attachments can be a very convenient way to pass files across the Internet. Here's what we recommend to our customers:

  1. Always know your sender.
  2. Discuss with him or her, in advance, the format of any attached files. Usually the file-name extension will tell you (but not always).
  3. Make sure you have the necessary software.
  4. Whenever possible, include information within the body of your email message rather than as a separate attachment.
  5. If you receive an attachment and don't know the source, do not open it! Do not click on the link indicating the attachment. Delete the message immediately!

Remember: The more access you allow to your system, the greater the likelihood for something to go wrong. As is almost always the case with computer systems, planning ahead is the key to everything.


Internet Support

By far, the most effective way for us to support our customers is over a high-speed Internet connection. We don't, but we wish we could make it a requirement for support.

Why? Because Windows application and database files are huge! Unlike the old MSDOS systems, there are literally hundreds of ways you can end up somewhere under Windows. Direct or Internet dial-up connections simply aren't fast enough to handle the data transfers necessary to monitor these applications.

We feel that the time saved with broadband (DSL) access more than pays for itself! Click here for more information on Internet access.

After we initially install any system, we offer 24-hour telephone support on a renewable subscription basis only. (There is just no other way we can support installed systems.)

Our telephone-support subscriptions cover:

Our telephone-support subscriptions do not cover:

Note: The point at which "support" becomes "outsourcing" is a case-by-case situation. Of course, verbal help and connecting over the Internet are all part of support. However, if we transfer your data to our offices and expend signifcant time on your behalf, that starts to become outsourcing and not part of telephone support. Naturally, we'll discuss this as it arises, and we always try to err on the side of "It's covered."

Subscription Billing

We derive your cost for these services from a sliding scale, based on your supported stations and applications, their complexity (such as whether networking is involved), and other factors. Currently, our base rate for 24/7 telephone support is about $50 per month.

We bill subscriptions quarterly, with invoices mailed around the 15th of the month prior to the start of the quarter. We assume that customers who have not paid for their telephone-support subscriptions within thirty (30) days of invoicing no longer want to receive those services. (We send only one notice of this condition.)

Application Updates

Support subscriptions include updates to all our applications installed in your system. If, at some point, you elect not to continue subscribing for support, you can still continue to download application updates from this web site -- until updating requires changes to the database or runtime support or anything else that requires our intervention.



We have expended substantial time and effort in refining our services and creating our software products. The fees we charge an individual customer represent only partial compensation for our total work. Consequently, we reserve a substantial proprietary interest in these products. And, we consider them to include valuable trade secrets.

Your authorization of our work, our installation, and/or your use of these systems acknowledge these facts and mark your agreement to treat these products and services as confidential and, your acceptance of these terms as our licensing agreement. Primarily, this means that you will not sell, give away, or otherwise transfer any software we provide to another machine or allow it to be used in another installation, without authorization in writing from us.

We make every effort to insure that our services and these software products meet all our customers' needs. In most cases, we specifically tailor the programming to meet each customer's requirements. However, we must provide our services and software products without any warranty, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Here's the most important point: We stand behind our work. If you have a problem, we want you to let us know right away! We will do everything in our power to make things right.