Other Downloads

Here are some links to utilities and other applications available for download over the Internet.

Some of these require a modest charge for business use:

Internet Access
Simply, hands down, the best browser available. A necessary replacement for Internet Explorer.
Even more important, if you're using Outlook or Outlook Express, you really should switch to Mozilla's Thunderbird. All your existing messages will come over, and the added security, alone, will be worth it!
Virus and Spyware Protection
McAfee and Symantec/Norton dominate the market for these products -- and, as happens, they have become bloated and unresponsive to their customers, and we can no longer recommend them. On the other hand, we have worked with the following vendors for some time, and we and our customers are very happy with their products and services.
From Grisoft, an extremely efficient and inexpensive virus-scanning product. They also offer an excellent free product for home use only.
Ad-Aware SE Plus
When you visit web sites, even seemingly reputable ones, they often bury software on your computer that tracks your web surfing or promotes advertising. Some of these are relatively harmless; some are worse than that. Periodically you must scan your computer for these, and Lavasoft offers an excellent, again inexpensive, product to do that. These people also offer a "personal" version for home use only.
Click here for more on viruses.
You probably already have Adobe® Acrobat™ Reader on your system, but here's a link to download the latest version.

This is only the Reader, the application that lets you view PDF files. To create these files, you'll need the full Acrobat product. (Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive, but this is the only reliable method for creating PDF files that are readable on all platforms.)

If you have Windows 98SE, you'll need this version of Reader.

Some web-site animation require the Macromedia Flash or Shockwave Players, both now Adobe products. You'll know you need these plug-ins when your browser prompts you.

Click here to download the Macromedia Flash Player.

Click here to download the Shockwave Player.