Who We Are...

Sometimes smaller simply works better.

We should have a sampler on our office wall reading 'It's efficiency, stupid!' That's what we're about. We get businesses into markets and up to production levels that have been traditionally beyond their reach. We bring today's computer technology and power within their grasp.

We do this by striking a middle-ground between 'state-of-the-art' ideals and our customers' needs. Often, 80% of the former can meet 100% of the latter -- at 30% of the cost. Most small businesses neither need nor want all the 'bells and whistles'.  Of course, they can't compromise on professional standards or their images. But, working systems and productive images  can be built without huge development budgets!

We're not for everyone. We often end up sending prospective customers in another direction, because our experience tells us that's where they will be better served. And, we only serve the Southeastern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi areas. We limit ourselves geographically because we place no limits on our commitments to our customers. When we commit, we deliver!

That's our simple bottom line.


What we do...

We began as and remain, primarily, a software house. Ours is a biased perspective, because we got into this from being users, and we believe the hardware, the computer stuff you can touch, is just a platform, and the heavy lifting is helped -- or hindered -- by the software running on it.

Most of what we do ranges from developing unique software (that often interfaces with our general-purpose applications, such as, say, unique invoicing that feeds our Accounts Receivable module) -- through services dealing with specific on-site situations or bringing state-of-the-art technology into the smallest business environments.

So what we do is mostly a software core with associated services to connect everything. We serve as a one-stop solution source.

Why us?

In one sentence, we are how very small businesses acquire the information-technology (IT) capabilities of the very largest. There are three keys to how we do this:

We're not for everyone.

If you have over 20 network stations, need extensive wide-area network support (see Networking), want sophisticated accounting software with "all the bells and whistles", already have in-house expertise -- or have other needs beyond what we normally do, we'll be the first to suggest a different direction. Cost can also be a factor; we're not free, but we cost less than alternatives offering the same capabilities, and we take pride that dollars spent with us save more spent elsewhere. The bottom line is talking with us is the best way to find out how well we match.

Why This Site?

Because Civilization needs yet another goofball Web 'presence'? Not!

Sure, we'd like this site to provide visitors with an introduction to us. But, more, our goal is to provide a vehicle through which we can disseminate information to our customers about the rapidly changing personal-computer industry, especially what the changes will mean to them in practical -- and not market driven -- terms.

There's a lot of information here, perhaps more than you're after. And, we admit that we're using this site as a catch-all for a lot of the stuff we seem to discuss with every one of customers one time or another. But, we've tried to organize it so you can pick through what interests you and leave the rest. If you have some thoughts on how we're doing, click here and tell us.

On the other hand, this is not a technical reference manual. (Most of our customers probably feel it has too much detail.) And we don't expect anyone to visit all of this site. There's a lot of redundancy.

It includes secure locations within which our customers can download program upgrades, confidential data corrections, and other stuff -- all at their convenience. It also inlcudes resources through which they can download the latest versions of popular utilities, from us and others, and other helpful software. Contact us for the details.